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Revulytics Usage Intelligence API documentation

The Revulytics Usage Intelligence Reporting API is targeted for advanced users who would like to build their own dashboards or integrate Revulytics reporting (charts or raw data) within third party applications. The API can also be used to export data and statistics out of the Revulytics servers for archiving or custom processing by other solutions.

The Reporting API can be accessed via HTTPS and is based on JSON-formatted requests and responses. With the Revulytics Usage Intelligence reporting API you can easily achieve the following:

  • Embed readily formatted reporting widgets from Revulytics into your CRM
  • Build a custom dashboard on your intranet using live data feeds from Revulytics
  • Query Revulytics Usage Intelligence servers using full filtering/segmentation options
  • Export Revulytics reporting data in raw JSON format to import in other BI solutions.
  • Report on License key usage/abuse and sync License Keys with your CRM.
  • In the future the API will be expanded to allow also management of ReachOut Campaigns and other advanced management tasks.

The API can be accessed using either POST or GET requests. Whenever possible, POST is the preferred mechanism. However, in cases such as embedding a report in an HTML page or iframe, the GET request mechanism may be used.

Both GET and POST mechanisms use the same request data format, however the only difference is that in POST request, the JSON request is to be passed as POST data whilst in GET requests the JSON request is to be passed as part of the URL inside a parameter named “query”.