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Raw vs Formatted Responses

The Usage Intelligence API offers 2 major methods how to retrieve the data - either in raw JSON format which is meant to be processed by your application or scripts, or else in readily-formatted charts or tables wrapped in an HTML page which is meant to be used as an iframe or HTML frame source.

At the moment, formatted charts are generated using Highcharts Javascript components. Tables are generated using a custom HTML format.

Requesting Formatted Reports

By default, all reports are presented in raw JSON. If you would like to get HTML formatted data, you need to add a GET parameter named “resultFormat”, with its value being “highcharts” or “table”. If you are building a chart, then the value should be “highcharts”, while “table” should be used for tabular data. If you are requesting raw data, then the resultFormat property should either be left out, or else, its value should be “raw”. If you are requesting a highcharts response, then you also need to add another parameter: “hcType”. This is used to specify the type of chart you would like to receive. The possible values are “pie”, “bar”, “column”, or “line”. Please note that line charts should be used when dateSplit is not null, while the other chart types are to be used when you are not splitting by date (dateSplit is null).

Example Request

In this example, we are requesting a column chart comparing the number of active users using the different product editions in the last 60 days. For simplicity, we will be sending a GET request, and use cookie authentication. The following is the JSON query object that we should send:

    "productId": 2376158762,
    "startDate": "NOW-60",
    "stopDate": "NOW",
    "dateSplit": null,
    "clientStatus": [
    "levels": {
        "level1": {
            "property": "prodEdition",
            "segments": [
                    "type": "regex",
                    "value": ".*",
                    "split": true

The following is how the request URL should look with URL encoding:*%22%2C%22split%22%3Atrue%7D%5D%7D%7D%7D&resultFormat=highcharts&hcType=column

The result should look similar to the following image: