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Trackerbird SDK v3 for Mac OS (C++)
TrackerbirdSDK::TBVersionResult Class Reference

#include <TBVersionResult.h>

Public Member Functions

 TBVersionResult (TBVersionStatus versionStatus, string internalVersion, string version, string downloadURL, string changelogURL)
 Creates an instance of TBVersionResult class. More...
TBVersionStatus getVersionStatus () const
 Get The status of the version check.
string getInternalVersion () const
 Get Version number used internally.
string getVersion () const
 Get Friendly version number.
string getDownloadURL () const
 Get The download URL.
string getChangelogURL () const
 Get The changelog URL.

Detailed Description

This class represents a response from the Checking for Software Updates method in TBApp.



typedef enum
    TBVersionStatusNA = -1,
    TBVersionStatusNew = 1,
    TBVersionStatusNoNew = 0
You should not perform any kind of "Software Update" if you are going to sumbit your application to the Mac App Store, since Apple forbids any kind of auto updates for applications that resides into the Mac App Store. In such cases you should use this functionality for informative purposes only.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TrackerbirdSDK::TBVersionResult::TBVersionResult ( TBVersionStatus  versionStatus,
string  internalVersion,
string  version,
string  downloadURL,
string  changelogURL 

Creates an instance of TBVersionResult class.

versionStatusThe status of the version check, refering to Not Avaialbe, New Version or No New Version.
internalVersionVersion number used internally (not shown to the user). Max length: 45
versionFriendly version number to be shown to the user. Max length: 45
downloadURLThe URL from where the new version can be downloaded. Max length: 100
changelogURLThe URL from where the user can see the change log. Max length: 100

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