Developer Zone

Feature / Event Tracking

Through event tracking, Trackerbird allows you keep track of how your clients are interacting with the various features within your application, potentially identifying how often every single feature is being used by various user groups. Apart from monitoring feature usage, you can also keep track of how often an event happens - such as how often an “auto save” has been made on average for every hour your application was running. Futher to that, you may also keep a numeric value every time an event is reported. This can be used for example to keep the length of time it took to save a file, or the file size that was saved, etc. These events can be recorded using the method :cs:func:`TBApp.EventTrack`.

Once event-related data has been collected, you will be able to identify trends of which features are most used during evaluation and whether this trend changes once users switch to a freeware or purchased license or once they update to a different version/product build. You will also be able to compare whether any UI tweaks in a particular version or build number had any effect on exposing a particular feature or whether changes in the actual functionality make a feature more or less popular with users. This tool provides excellent insight for A/B testing whereas you can compare the outcome from different builds to improve the end user expierence.

Note: Event Tracking should NOT be used to track the occurrence of exceptions since there is another specific API call for this purpose. If you need to track exceptions, refer to Exception Tracking.