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Common Function Return Values¶

OK (1)

A number of functions that do not need to return any specific value, return this value when they have been called successfully and without errors.


This indicates that this particular API call is not currently available. Possible causes include:

  • This feature is disabled from the server side. If this is an optional feature you might need to turn it on from the Trackerbird Web UI inside the customer login area.
  • You have called this function too many times in quick succession from the same client. In order to prevent abuse the server might impose a minimum interval (time threshold) before you can call this function again. This interval can vary from seconds to minutes.


This means there was a problem communicating with the Trackerbird server due to:

  • network connectivity problems
  • Incorrect proxy settings
  • HTTP traffic is blocked by a gateway or firewall

In some cases it might help testing the internet connection by calling the connectionCheck() function.


This is typically encountered when using a proxy with Authentication enabled. Make sure you are entering the correct proxy credentials using setProxy() or setDefaultProxyCredentials().


The server returned an error or specifically refused the connection. Causes:

  • You are using the wrong callhome URL
  • You are using the wrong product ID
  • Some temporary server error occured

Login to the Web UI to make sure your account is active and there are no critical warnings. Test using connectionCheck() function.


The function createConfig() needs to be called before calling further configuration-related functions (Providing further data) or appStart(). If this is not done, these functions would return CONFIG_NOT_CREATED.


If the function createConfig() is called twice, on the second time, it would return this value. This means that this function should only be called once to initialize the configuration. If any value needs to be changed afterwards, this can be done by calling functions in the Providing further data section.


This value is returned if appStart() was not called or if it didn’t finish successfully. Functions that logically require an application to be started before they can run return this value if a call to appStart() has not been done.


This value is returned in cases where an invalid parameter value has been passed. These include cases such as where a valid str value is required, but a None is passed instead, or when trying to stop a session via sessionStop(), but the session ID that is passed does not exist (has not been started).