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Custom Properties¶

Apart from the pre-set values that Revulytics Usage Intelligence collects, such as OS version, product version, edition, language, and license type you also have the ability to collect any custom value that is relevant to your specific application.

Typical examples where you can benefit from custom properties include storing the download source or marketing campaign from where the user downloaded your software or some other status in your application. These custom properties will then be available inside the filters panel on every report so you may use them as part of your report filtering criteria.

Note: By default you can store up to 1000 unique values inside every custom property. Please contact Revulytics Usage Intelligence support ( if you want to discuss this limit or alternative uses.

(RUIRESULTOBJC) setCustomProperty: (uint32_t)customPropertyID value: (NSString*)customValue;

Sets or clears the custom property data.

NOTE: The custom property data must be set every time the RUI SDK instance is run. This is different than V4 of the RUI SDK where the supplied product data was stored in the RUI SDK configuration file and if it was not supplied, the values in the configuration file were used.

setCustomProperty:value: can be called between createConfig:productID:appName:serverURL:protocol:aesKeyHex:multiSessionEnabled:reachOutOnAutoSync: and stopSDK:, and can be called zero or more times.

setCustomProperty:value: is a synchronous function, returning when all functionality is completed.


customPropertyID (unsigned short) - This is a numeric index between 1 and 20. On the Revulytics Usage Intelligence dashboard,
custom values are given an ID ranging from C01 to C20. This ID is used to identify which of the 20 possible custom value is being set.

customValue (NSString*) - The value to be assigned to the custom property.

Return Type:

Integer constant value with the following possible values:

* RUI_OK                                        Function successful
* RUI_SDK_INTERNAL_ERROR_FATAL                  Irrecoverable internal fatal error.  No further API calls should be made.
* RUI_SDK_ABORTED                               A required New Registration has failed, and hence the SDK is aborted.  StopSDK and DestroySDK are possible.
* RUI_SDK_SUSPENDED                             The RUI Server has instructed a temporary back-off.
* RUI_SDK_PERMANENTLY_DISABLED                  The RUI Server has instructed a permanent disable.
* RUI_SDK_OPTED_OUT                             Instance has been instructed by the application to opt-out.
* RUI_CONFIG_NOT_CREATED                        Configuration has not been successfully created.
* RUI_SDK_ALREADY_STOPPED                       SDK has already been successfully stopped.
* RUI_INVALID_CUSTOM_PROPERTY_ID                Parameter validation: The 1-based customPropertyID violates its allowable range.