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Exception Tracking

Revulytics Usage Intelligence is able to collect runtime exceptions from your application and then produce reports on the exceptions that were collected. Once an exception is tracked, Revulytics Usage Intelligence will also save a snapshot of the current machine architecture so that you can later (through the on-line exception browser within the Usage Intelligence dashboard) investigate the exception details and pinpoint any specific OS or architecture related specifications that are the cause of common exceptions. Collection of exception data is done through the trackException function.

(RUIRESULTOBJC) trackException: (RUIExceptionEventOBJC*)event sessionID: (NSString*)sessionID

This method is used to track and report on any exceptions that are generated by your application on the end users’ machines.


event (RUIExceptionEventOBJC*) - A type (defined below) that contains the exception event information.

@interface RUIExceptionEventOBJC : NSObject <NSCopying>
@property(nonatomic, copy) NSString* className;
@property(nonatomic, copy) NSString* methodName;
@property(nonatomic, copy) NSString* exceptionMessage;
@property(nonatomic, copy) NSString* stackTrace;
-(id)initWithClassName:(NSString*)className methodName:(NSString*)methodName exceptionMessage:(NSString*)exceptionMessage stackTrace:(NSString*)stackTrace;

sessionID (NSString*) - Session ID if exception is associated with a specific session. Send NULL if not required.

Return Type:

Integer constant value with the following possible values:

* RUI_OK                                        Synchronous functionalitysuccessful
* RUI_SDK_INTERNAL_ERROR_FATAL                  Irrecoverable internal fatal error.  No further API calls should be made.
* RUI_SDK_ABORTED                               A required New Registration has failed, and hence the SDK is aborted.  StopSDK and DestroySDK are possible.
* RUI_SDK_SUSPENDED                             The RUI Server has instructed a temporary back-off.
* RUI_SDK_PERMANENTLY_DISABLED                  The RUI Server has instructed a permanent disable.
* RUI_SDK_OPTED_OUT                             Instance has been instructed by the application to opt-out.
* RUI_CONFIG_NOT_CREATED                        Configuration has not been successfully created.
* RUI_SDK_NOT_STARTED                           SDK has not been successfully started.
* RUI_SDK_ALREADY_STOPPED                       SDK has already been successfully stopped.
* RUI_INVALID_SESSION_ID_EXPECTED_EMPTY         The sessionID is expected to be empty, and it was not.
* RUI_INVALID_SESSION_ID_TOO_SHORT              The sessionID violates its allowable minimum length.
* RUI_INVALID_SESSION_ID_TOO_LONG               The sessionID violates its allowable maximum length.
* RUI_INVALID_SESSION_ID_NOT_ACTIVE             The sessionID is not currently in use.
* RUI_INVALID_PARAMETER_EXPECTED_NON_EMPTY      Some API parameter is expected to be non-empty, and is not.